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The mission of the Florida University of Sanitary Education (FUSE) is to provide water and wastewater treatment plant operators with the latest emerging technologies, process control, procedures, methods and improved concepts in a training program to enrich their knowledge and experience within the workplace and obtain required continual education units (CEUs) for license re-certification.
Our instructors include highly qualified individuals from across the country. Each of our instructors has college or doctoral degrees, field experience in excess of twenty years and are available to share his/her experience with the student through their course of study.
FUSE is committed to a long term plan of developing training sponsors and course material in which students retain knowledge from their training courses, rather than memorizing answers to pass a course quiz. FUSE is involved in a national discussion of surveying the transfer of knowledge from the instructor and courses to the student or operator. FUSE has worked for many years to obtain a high level and standardization used today in course curriculum. Thus our policy is to maintain this high level through the review process of any course.